Peter Boughton

Revamped blogs and new aggregator

So I've revamped my blogs - they now each have their own distinct styles and distinct articles (I'd gotten into a bad habit of cross-posting), and I've also gone through and cleaned out crappy articles, and cleaned up the rest. I'm not going to make any promises about future post rates, but I do have a fair number of half-written articles and unshared photos that I'll be working on putting up, so there will certainly be some new stuff.

I've also built a tool which aggregates the three blog feeds (plus this one), and presents a list which can then be filtered by tags to see just the desired articles - it's relatively crude at the moment, but I'll be making it more flexible over time - assuming people actually want it, that is!

So yeah, blog links: 100% Geek is my main blog, Sorcerer's Tower is code stuff, Midnight Isle is for arty stuff, and all three combined is